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Gorgeous old upright !

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88 Key, 2 Pedal Upright Piano. Manufactured by the Emerson Piano Company – Boston – 1885. Measures 64L X 57H X 27W

just  arrived   and  in incredible  original   condition, no rust, beautiful   veneer  on this  victorian   cabinet.

Sound  better  than  most  short  grand  piano  a  true   antique   tenor.

Grand Piaino

Need To Move A Grand Piano? Get Yourself a Piano Moving Company

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There are certain inevitabilities in life and moving is certainly one of them. The process of moving to a different home, apartment, or business location is often stressful.

Some people can handle moving their stuff themselves, while others rely on moving companies to help them out. For those who have the pleasure of owning a piano, certain precautions must be thought through before transporting it.

bigstock 132736148 540x360 - Need To Move A Grand Piano? Get Yourself a Piano Moving Company

Whatever type of piano you own, whether it’s a baby grand or a concert grand piano, these expensive musical instruments are some of the hardest objects to move safely from location to location. They are heavy, yet fragile and one minor mistake can end up ruining them.

To make moving your beautiful instrument a lot less stressful, it’s important to hire a professional piano moving company and here is why.

The Basics

Foremost, to move a piano correctly, a lot of skill and planning is required on behalf of these specialized, professional movers.

Piano movers aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill transporters and although your average furniture and commercial moving companies will insist they can move your piano with no problem, this is simply too great a risk to take.

Typical moving companies are not qualified to move pianos. They are not trained in this art and they will most likely not have the proper equipment required.

s l1600 1 1 540x360 - Need To Move A Grand Piano? Get Yourself a Piano Moving Company

Considering that pianos can weigh anywhere from 400 – 1300 pounds and some upright pianos and concert grand pianos can be valued as high as $500,000, you’ll want to entrust moving it to an experienced company who will take the utmost care.

All too often, people have had to make emergency calls to professional movers because during the process of moving their piano they ran into some unforeseen complication that has left them stuck.

This rarely happens when hiring professional piano movers because they carefully plan each step before moving anything.


In order to show you why hiring a professional piano company is the best option for you, it’s first important to understand some of the intricate aspects of piano moving which you may not have known. The first thing to know about piano moving services is they typically work in teams of two – six people depending on the size of the piano.

s l1600 13 385x360 - Need To Move A Grand Piano? Get Yourself a Piano Moving Company

Usually, they will send a person out to assess the situation a couple of days before the actual move in order to plan and determine what tools/equipment they will need.

If the piano is in a tight spot or has to be brought down several sets of stairs, the piano movers may suggest dismantling the piano in order to move it. Though these situations are few and far between, you’ll certainly want someone who knows what they are doing if this is indeed the case.

If the movers can safely and securely move the piano without taking it apart they will incorporate a variety of tools to ensure the utmost care is taken. These include moving pads, slings, skids, and ramps depending on how they determine what the best way to move your piano is. Once the piano is safely moved into the truck they will secure it will specialized tools to eliminate any risk of damage during transport.

Paino Moving Company 540x360 - Need To Move A Grand Piano? Get Yourself a Piano Moving Company

This intricate level of care is simply not found in your average moving company and even if they can move the piano safely into the transport vehicle they are often not secured well enough and become damaged during the ride.

Imagine the shock and dismay when you open the back of the truck and see your one of kind grand piano toppled over on its side. This certainly isn’t a guarantee that using a professional piano moving company will devoid you of all risks and possible damage, but it certainly reduces those dangers a great deal.

Insurance and Experience

Now you know the basics of the services and logistics of what a professional piano moving company can do, it’s important to know how to find the best movers and what you should know about them.

Perhaps the best way to find a good professional piano moving company is to check online and ask various piano retailers and teachers about who they use and trust to move their equipment. This will certainly get you well on your way to finding a great and reliable company.

Insurance 665x360 - Need To Move A Grand Piano? Get Yourself a Piano Moving Company

You’ll also want to make sure they have a good insurance plan in case something goes wrong. This is very important because not all piano moving companies have equal levels of insurance coverage. You will want to make sure that the piano itself is covered both during the move itself and during transportation.

Some companies will not include insurance coverage if there is an accident on the road when transporting your piano.

Another type of insurance coverage you will want to make sure the moving company has is coverage in case you or one of the workers gets injured during the move.

The last thing you want is a hefty lawsuit because one of the movers smashed their hand when moving your piano and expects you to pay the medical bills. Most piano movers have this coverage and it’s very important to make sure they do.

Cost 560x360 - Need To Move A Grand Piano? Get Yourself a Piano Moving Company


Last, but certainly not least, is how much it will cost to hire a piano moving company. This can be tricky as there is a variety of options you may have to choose from.

Movers can offer to be paid an hourly rate or more commonly a flat rate. Paying your movers by the hour is somewhat risky considering the many things that can go wrong and cost time during the move. A flat rate is usually the best option and you will want to make sure everything is put in writing so there are no surprises when you get your bill.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a professional piano moving company is really the only way to go to move your expensive piano with the least possible amount of risk involved. It’s important for you to do research and ask plenty of questions regarding the movement of your piano, but the advice in this article will certainly get you well on your way to a safe and stress-free move.


Used Piano Buyer’s Guide

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Quality pre-owned pianos can vary widely 
in price and if you are not a professional musician it can be overwhelming to give every piano a sufficient once-over. In general, pianos, grand pianos, and baby grand pianos all have similar features to pay attention to when looking at a used piano for sale.

No matter where the piano is coming from or going to, there are common features which possible buyers should have in mind when looking at a used piano for sale.

Used Piano Shopping Tips

Piano Buyers Guide 540x360 - Used Piano Buyer’s GuideTo begin with, look for a style of piano which will satisfy your aesthetic needs. Does it compliment the space which is designated to house the piano? Be sure to pick a spot next to an inner wall and away from vents, sunlight, and windows.

Don’t make the mistake of letting it dry out or fade in the light. If a piano moving service is doing the lifting for you, be sure to know where you want the piano to sit and if it is a good spot which will be an adequate home for the piano for years to come.

● Refinishing

When looking at a used piano, you will want to determine whether the unit needs any substantial refurbishing. This has the possibility of costing a few thousand dollars, which might be close to—or over—what you would spend for the piano itself. This consideration is important in discerning the cost benefit of buying a used piano for sale versus a brand new piano. The cost might end up being similar.

 s l1600 2 540x360 - Used Piano Buyer’s Guide

Look at the piano’s cabinets to be sure there are not any broken parts or missing hardware. Moisture damage can cause swelling of the wood paneling. Do not buy a used piano without the matching piano bench. These always go together. Without a significant explanation and discount, do not buy a piano without its bench.

 Piano Tuning and Pin-Block

When looking for a used piano for sale, it is a good idea for you to carry a tuning fork. Unless you are getting a great discount on a piano—and I mean a fantastic discount—you will not want to buy a piano for sale which is not already tuned with that perfect piano sound.

The pitch of a piano should resonate around A440hz, hence the need for a tuning fork. Ask the used piano seller if the instrument has been kept in tune throughout its life.

professional piano technician - Used Piano Buyer’s GuideIf you are looking to invest a substantial sum of funds on a baby grand piano, mini grand, or full grand piano, bring a piano technician with you to check specific attributes of the unit. A technician will check how tight the tuning pins are and where the loose pin blocks are—if any.

Loose pin blocks are a major problem in a used grand piano and constitute a restringing of the instrument. This will cost around $2000 as a base price. To request a professional piano technician to assist you in your used piano shopping, consult an expert piano service in your area. Ask them about pin-block replacements and cost versus quality of the base unit.

Tuning pins should be uniform, which can vary in used pianos for sale, seeing as previous replacements may have already been made. The tuning coils and the pin-block should have ⅛ inch clearance on the top side of the plate.

Pins can be tightened by using a chemical on the pin-block, which should be avoided. The tuning pins will show residue of a dark brown, thick, sticky substance if this has been applied. Look at the underside of the fallboard, pin-block, and cabinets for signs of cracking or other damage.

Piano Strings

 Pianos should be tuned every year. If they are not tuned on a regular basis, piano strings have the tendency to degrade and rust. This is especially true if the piano has been kept in an insufficient environment. Strings with light rust are not the end of the world, however, heavy rust is unacceptable.

Piano Strings 640x360 - Used Piano Buyer’s GuideStrings with heavy rust will have a tendency to break easily no matter the care you put into them. A tuning fork or ETD (electronic tuning device) is useful when treating rusted strings. The pitch should always be at A440hz.

Play the bass keys of the used piano to be sure the instrument is producing clear, rich, and resonant lower octaves. A common pitfall in used pianos is to assume the lower register is as clear as the top register. Often, the lower register can produce twangy and bitter tones instead of warm smooth tones.

Other Important Info

Whatever your price range be sure to inquire as to the quality of the pre-owned piano’s previous history. Quality grand pianos and upright pianos will have maintenance records, which you can ask to see, along with the names and contact information regarding previous owners and technicians.

Ask about the pianos living environment for the bulk of its life, if it was outdoors for any amount of time, or in a moist environment. Also, pianos can suffer instrumental damage when moved. Ask about the history of its relocation and how many times it has been moved in the pianos life. When you are ready to purchase a used piano, contact a piano moving company who specializes in the care required to maintain the integrity of your instrument.

Despite all of the information given to you by the seller, be sure to get the piano’s serial number. The unique serial number will allow you to verify the information given to you regarding age, wear, and ownership. With the help of a professional piano technician, decide whether the information gained on the state of the used piano is cost effective regarding refurbishment and repairs.

Like wine, not all pianos are created equal. Some age better than others. Be sure to ask your piano technician to observe the bridges, soundboard, ribs, keys, hammers, dampers, regulators, pedals, and the overall structural integrity of the piano. Once the decision is made, enjoy it. If you are ready to play the piano, trust in the advice of your piano technician and begin your used piano shopping at a  trusted piano vendor who does their own repair

Super bargain : Bosendorfer grand piano

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Bosendorfer    6’3  semi  concert   grand  piano.

The  most   desirable  piano in the  world   at  a  bargain  price   thanks to  ebay!

Superb    condition, no  structural  defect anywhere( perfect  soundboard, bridges, great  crown and  a  flawless  action  mechanism   with  a fantastic  touch.

Hammers  are  not  worn out since  this  piano  came  from a  private  estate  where  it  was  not  used  much at  all.

Cabinet  is  a  good as  it  gets  for  a piano of  this  vintage.

Serial #14025  built   in 1897

1998 Yamaha c3 piano / Bargain price!

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just  in!


  •  Conservatory Grand Produced in Japan (not China or Korea etc.)
  • Soundboard  is  in  great  condition,piano  has  a  good  tuning  stability and  action  has  a  great  touch.
  • This is the famous Yamaha Japan C3 , 6’1 model professional Conservatory Level Grand piano built in 1998 – Yamaha’s Top of The Line Instrument!
  • The Conservatory series pianos are the best, most sought after, pianos Yamaha ever made.
  • These are the pianos Yamaha built their reputation on.
  • Beautiful black  polish finish.
  • All Brass is polished, hinges, pins, support brackets etc.
  •  Great big bass tone and nice, brilliant highs. The Yamaha pianos are well known for their playing and tuning stability. They are in tune when uncrated from Japan!!!

s l1600 4 1 639x300 - yamaha  u1    bargain  alert

yamaha u1 bargain alert

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just listed on our site and www.ebay.com this very rare one owner professional upright piano purchased new in Atlanta in 1996

admin ajax 5 267x300 - Bluthner


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This piano  plays  like  a dream  and  sings  the  most  beautiful  sound.

Aliquot exclusive   Buthner   piano  design    gives the   treble   and  extraordinary  sustain.

This  particular  piano was  made  in 1954  and rebuilt  5 yrs  ago.

The Semi-Concert Grand/ MODEL  II

The current  replacement  value  of   a  Model  II   BLUTHNER is   close  to  $100000    and  in this  listing   you will be  saving  close  to  80%!!

s l1600 5 300x200 - Bluthners l1600 6 300x200 - Bluthners l1600 4 300x200 - Bluthners l1600 8 300x200 - Bluthner

When you play this instrument a completely new world will open up to you.  This instrument will capture your imagination and inspire you with its powerful dynamics and clear tone, allowing for complete freedom of interpretation.   It is well suited to solo recitals or as the perfect compliment to a chamber orchestra.

The Blüthner Model 2
238 cm  – 7’8”


We speak English, French and  Spanish.


For years, we have shipped museum caliber antique instruments both nationally and internationally on a regular basis. We use very specialized shippers that we know and trust in order to make sure that these treasured heirlooms are handled only by the most qualified professionals.
Many of the instruments we sell are very specialized, rare, and “one of a kind” instruments.  Years of collecting these rare instruments have made The Antique Piano Shop one of the only places in the world where instruments like these can be found.  As a result, we receive numerous requests from buyers all over the world asking about INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.
Every country has its own set of rules, taxes, duties, etc for the import of antique pianos.  We deal with international shipping agents that we know and trust who can get these pianos safely across foreign borders without any loss or damage.  In most cases, the instruments will be packed and crated at a U.S. facility then shipped to a coastal port.  From there, the instruments are taken via specialized shipping container across the sea to the port of their destination, at which time they are subject to customs and inspection.  Once inside the port of their destination, land transportation will bring the piano from the port to the inland delivery location.

每个国家对于进口古典钢琴有着自己的规章,税务,海关关税等的规定。本店和 我们了解信任的国际运送公司合作,保证将钢琴完好无缺的运抵至目的地国家。多数时候,乐器在美国被包装,装箱并运送至海港。在那里,乐器被装入特别的集装 箱运输至目的港口,然后办理入关检查的相关手续。一旦通过海关,乐器会被装上车子送抵到指定地址

400+  Positive eBay Feedbacks  14 YEARS  ON EBAY!

We have been selling pianos on eBay since 1998 (but selling pianos since 1985).  We  are very  grateful to our eBay customers who have trusted us with such an expensive purchase  on eBay.  All  of  our positive  feedback were  earned with our honesty,and total  dedication  to our valued customers. 

A440pianos is not a “fly by nite” company. WE ARE MEMBERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL PIANO TECHNICIAN GUILD(IPTG),we do have a showroom and you are invited to visit us(with your piano teacher or piano technician is our recommendation) by calling 1.888.565.5648 for an appointment.



We can arrange  in  home  delivery  for  another $275+( depending  on stairs/turns etc)

  worldwide  delivery  to any  airport  for  $3950

Area Cost Time
GA $795( in home) 3to 4weeks
Mid West, North East, South East, Florida 1995 3 to 4weeks
South West, Texas 1995 3 to 4weeks
West Coast 1995 3 to 4weeks

new bosendorfer classic grand piano just listed on ebay and a440pianos

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go to  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bosendorfer-piano-bosendorfer-flugel-Der-Klang-der-beruhrt-piano-de-cola-/201761238314?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT


and  https://www.a440pianos.com/catalog/products/bosendorfer-piano-bosendorfer-flugel-der-klang-der-beruhrt-piano-de-cola

to see  this  wonderful  piano

WP 20161105 16 17 50 Pro 639x300 - Wurlitzer  classic  made in the  USA piano

Wurlitzer classic made in the USA piano

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Astonishing  original  condition  with  a  gorgeous   burled  walnut  cabinet  and  a matching bench!

Removed  from the  original  estate   when  it  was  delivered  brand  new  in the  50’s.

Plays  beautifully  and  is  tuned  to concert  pitch.