Why You Should Never Move a Piano without Professionals

Why You Should Never Move a Piano without Professionals

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Baby Piano 269x300 - Why You Should Never Move a Piano without Professionals

There are several reasons why you should hire a professional to move your piano, but in a nutshell, it comes down to one issue: Safety! Professional piano movers with experience can guarantee the safety of you and the instrument.

Moving a piano—whether it is an upright piano, a baby piano, a grand piano, or even a rocket piano—is dangerous and can easily result in injuries to the movers and moving a piano can damage the piano, likely one of your most expensive investments. Whether you need to move your piano just a short distance in your home or you’re relocating and need your piano moved across the city, state, or country, working with a professional piano move company with a piano dolly and other equipment required is not just a good ideal—it is essential. Read more »

7 Pro Tips for Caring for Your Piano – From Grand Pianos to Upright Pianos

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A grand piano can be an investment, and like all investments if you let it sit idly without properly managing and caring for it you will lose out enormously!

Keeping That Grand Piano In Top Shape

We love selling grand pianos – from baby grand pianos all the way to the enormous concert grand pianos. Not only are they works of art and beautiful musical instruments with unrivaled tonal qualities, they add class and sophistication to any room. Often the center of attention at dinner parties and get togethers. With a skilled musician at the keys, nothing creates beauty as effortlessly as a grand piano. However, if not properly taken care of pianos of all kinds, from upright pianos to the most beautiful grand pianos become nothing more than expensive coffee tables. Pianos aren’t furniture!  Read more »

s l1600 30 639x300 - Gorgeous  old  upright   !

Gorgeous old upright !

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88 Key, 2 Pedal Upright Piano. Manufactured by the Emerson Piano Company – Boston – 1885. Measures 64L X 57H X 27W

just  arrived   and  in incredible  original   condition, no rust, beautiful   veneer  on this  victorian   cabinet.

Sound  better  than  most  short  grand  piano  a  true   antique   tenor.

Grand Piaino

Need To Move A Grand Piano? Get Yourself a Piano Moving Company

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There are certain inevitabilities in life and moving is certainly one of them. The process of moving to a different home, apartment, or business location is often stressful.

Some people can handle moving their stuff themselves, while others rely on moving companies to help them out. For those who have the pleasure of owning a piano, certain precautions must be thought through before transporting it.

bigstock 132736148 540x360 - Need To Move A Grand Piano? Get Yourself a Piano Moving Company

Whatever type of piano you own, whether it’s a baby grand or a concert grand piano, these expensive musical instruments are some of the hardest objects to move safely from location to location. They are heavy, yet fragile and one minor mistake can end up ruining them.

To make moving your beautiful instrument a lot less stressful, it’s important to hire a professional piano moving company and here is why. Read more »


Used Piano Buyer’s Guide

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Buying a Used Grand Piano

Quality pre-owned pianos can vary widely 
in price and if you are not a professional musician it can be overwhelming to give every piano a sufficient once-over. In general, pianos, grand pianos, and baby grand pianos all have similar features to pay attention to when looking at a used piano for sale.

No matter where the piano is coming from or going to, there are common features which possible buyers should have in mind when looking at a used piano for sale. Read more »

Super bargain : Bosendorfer grand piano

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Bosendorfer    6’3  semi  concert   grand  piano.

The  most   desirable  piano in the  world   at  a  bargain  price   thanks to  ebay!

Superb    condition, no  structural  defect anywhere( perfect  soundboard, bridges, great  crown and  a  flawless  action  mechanism   with  a fantastic  touch.

Hammers  are  not  worn out since  this  piano  came  from a  private  estate  where  it  was  not  used  much at  all.

Cabinet  is  a  good as  it  gets  for  a piano of  this  vintage.

Serial #14025  built   in 1897

1998 Yamaha c3 piano / Bargain price!

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just  in!


  •  Conservatory Grand Produced in Japan (not China or Korea etc.)
  • Soundboard  is  in  great  condition,piano  has  a  good  tuning  stability and  action  has  a  great  touch.
  • This is the famous Yamaha Japan C3 , 6’1 model professional Conservatory Level Grand piano built in 1998 – Yamaha’s Top of The Line Instrument!
  • The Conservatory series pianos are the best, most sought after, pianos Yamaha ever made.
  • These are the pianos Yamaha built their reputation on.
  • Beautiful black  polish finish.
  • All Brass is polished, hinges, pins, support brackets etc.
  •  Great big bass tone and nice, brilliant highs. The Yamaha pianos are well known for their playing and tuning stability. They are in tune when uncrated from Japan!!!

s l1600 4 1 639x300 - yamaha  u1    bargain  alert

yamaha u1 bargain alert

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just listed on our site and www.ebay.com this very rare one owner professional upright piano purchased new in Atlanta in 1996

admin ajax 5 267x300 - Bluthner


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This piano  plays  like  a dream  and  sings  the  most  beautiful  sound.

Aliquot exclusive   Buthner   piano  design    gives the   treble   and  extraordinary  sustain.

This  particular  piano was  made  in 1954  and rebuilt  5 yrs  ago.

The Semi-Concert Grand/ MODEL  II

The current  replacement  value  of   a  Model  II   BLUTHNER is   close  to  $100000    and  in this  listing   you will be  saving  close  to  80%!!

s l1600 5 300x200 - Bluthners l1600 6 300x200 - Bluthners l1600 4 300x200 - Bluthners l1600 8 300x200 - Bluthner

When you play this instrument a completely new world will open up to you.  This instrument will capture your imagination and inspire you with its powerful dynamics and clear tone, allowing for complete freedom of interpretation.   It is well suited to solo recitals or as the perfect compliment to a chamber orchestra.

The Blüthner Model 2
238 cm  – 7’8”


We speak English, French and  Spanish.


For years, we have shipped museum caliber antique instruments both nationally and internationally on a regular basis. We use very specialized shippers that we know and trust in order to make sure that these treasured heirlooms are handled only by the most qualified professionals.
Many of the instruments we sell are very specialized, rare, and “one of a kind” instruments.  Years of collecting these rare instruments have made The Antique Piano Shop one of the only places in the world where instruments like these can be found.  As a result, we receive numerous requests from buyers all over the world asking about INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.
Every country has its own set of rules, taxes, duties, etc for the import of antique pianos.  We deal with international shipping agents that we know and trust who can get these pianos safely across foreign borders without any loss or damage.  In most cases, the instruments will be packed and crated at a U.S. facility then shipped to a coastal port.  From there, the instruments are taken via specialized shipping container across the sea to the port of their destination, at which time they are subject to customs and inspection.  Once inside the port of their destination, land transportation will bring the piano from the port to the inland delivery location.

每个国家对于进口古典钢琴有着自己的规章,税务,海关关税等的规定。本店和 我们了解信任的国际运送公司合作,保证将钢琴完好无缺的运抵至目的地国家。多数时候,乐器在美国被包装,装箱并运送至海港。在那里,乐器被装入特别的集装 箱运输至目的港口,然后办理入关检查的相关手续。一旦通过海关,乐器会被装上车子送抵到指定地址

400+  Positive eBay Feedbacks  14 YEARS  ON EBAY!

We have been selling pianos on eBay since 1998 (but selling pianos since 1985).  We  are very  grateful to our eBay customers who have trusted us with such an expensive purchase  on eBay.  All  of  our positive  feedback were  earned with our honesty,and total  dedication  to our valued customers. 

A440pianos is not a “fly by nite” company. WE ARE MEMBERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL PIANO TECHNICIAN GUILD(IPTG),we do have a showroom and you are invited to visit us(with your piano teacher or piano technician is our recommendation) by calling 1.888.565.5648 for an appointment.



We can arrange  in  home  delivery  for  another $275+( depending  on stairs/turns etc)

  worldwide  delivery  to any  airport  for  $3950

Area Cost Time
GA $795( in home) 3to 4weeks
Mid West, North East, South East, Florida 1995 3 to 4weeks
South West, Texas 1995 3 to 4weeks
West Coast 1995 3 to 4weeks