Waltham Milwaukee miniature baby grand piano

s l1600 20 - Waltham Milwaukee miniature baby grand piano

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Product Details

3’10 Miniature  Tom Thumb type  baby grand piano    by  Waltham.

The Waltham Piano Company was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1885. The firm was incorporated in 1906. Waltham was known for building exceptionally well made pianos, with an emphasis on musical quality over aesthetics. Waltham’s player piano line was especially impressive, as they incorporated many highly innovated design techniques into their player pianos that were usually only found in higher quality conventional piano

Perfect soundboard, hammers  , dampers  and  all  internal  parts  are  in   great  condition.

Bargain  price on this  Extremely museum piece instrument. Finish  on cabinet  is  good   but  not   perfect, some  minor   scratches  and  dents   not  visible on the  photos  are present. The tone  of this piano is  surprisingly good  for  such  a  small piano.

The Sheraton style   cabinet   is   outstanding  and  the  original  matching bench  is