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Need To Move A Grand Piano? Get Yourself a Piano Moving Company

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There are certain inevitabilities in life and moving is certainly one of them. The process of moving to a different home, apartment, or business location is often stressful.

Some people can handle moving their stuff themselves, while others rely on moving companies to help them out. For those who have the pleasure of owning a piano, certain precautions must be thought through before transporting it.

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Whatever type of piano you own, whether it’s a baby grand or a concert grand piano, these expensive musical instruments are some of the hardest objects to move safely from location to location. They are heavy, yet fragile and one minor mistake can end up ruining them.

To make moving your beautiful instrument a lot less stressful, it’s important to hire a professional piano moving company and here is why.

The Basics

Foremost, to move a piano correctly, a lot of skill and planning is required on behalf of these specialized, professional movers.

Piano movers aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill transporters and although your average furniture and commercial moving companies will insist they can move your piano with no problem, this is simply too great a risk to take.

Typical moving companies are not qualified to move pianos. They are not trained in this art and they will most likely not have the proper equipment required.

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Considering that pianos can weigh anywhere from 400 – 1300 pounds and some upright pianos and concert grand pianos can be valued as high as $500,000, you’ll want to entrust moving it to an experienced company who will take the utmost care.

All too often, people have had to make emergency calls to professional movers because during the process of moving their piano they ran into some unforeseen complication that has left them stuck.

This rarely happens when hiring professional piano movers because they carefully plan each step before moving anything.


In order to show you why hiring a professional piano company is the best option for you, it’s first important to understand some of the intricate aspects of piano moving which you may not have known. The first thing to know about piano moving services is they typically work in teams of two – six people depending on the size of the piano.

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Usually, they will send a person out to assess the situation a couple of days before the actual move in order to plan and determine what tools/equipment they will need.

If the piano is in a tight spot or has to be brought down several sets of stairs, the piano movers may suggest dismantling the piano in order to move it. Though these situations are few and far between, you’ll certainly want someone who knows what they are doing if this is indeed the case.

If the movers can safely and securely move the piano without taking it apart they will incorporate a variety of tools to ensure the utmost care is taken. These include moving pads, slings, skids, and ramps depending on how they determine what the best way to move your piano is. Once the piano is safely moved into the truck they will secure it will specialized tools to eliminate any risk of damage during transport.

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This intricate level of care is simply not found in your average moving company and even if they can move the piano safely into the transport vehicle they are often not secured well enough and become damaged during the ride.

Imagine the shock and dismay when you open the back of the truck and see your one of kind grand piano toppled over on its side. This certainly isn’t a guarantee that using a professional piano moving company will devoid you of all risks and possible damage, but it certainly reduces those dangers a great deal.

Insurance and Experience

Now you know the basics of the services and logistics of what a professional piano moving company can do, it’s important to know how to find the best movers and what you should know about them.

Perhaps the best way to find a good professional piano moving company is to check online and ask various piano retailers and teachers about who they use and trust to move their equipment. This will certainly get you well on your way to finding a great and reliable company.

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You’ll also want to make sure they have a good insurance plan in case something goes wrong. This is very important because not all piano moving companies have equal levels of insurance coverage. You will want to make sure that the piano itself is covered both during the move itself and during transportation.

Some companies will not include insurance coverage if there is an accident on the road when transporting your piano.

Another type of insurance coverage you will want to make sure the moving company has is coverage in case you or one of the workers gets injured during the move.

The last thing you want is a hefty lawsuit because one of the movers smashed their hand when moving your piano and expects you to pay the medical bills. Most piano movers have this coverage and it’s very important to make sure they do.

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Last, but certainly not least, is how much it will cost to hire a piano moving company. This can be tricky as there is a variety of options you may have to choose from.

Movers can offer to be paid an hourly rate or more commonly a flat rate. Paying your movers by the hour is somewhat risky considering the many things that can go wrong and cost time during the move. A flat rate is usually the best option and you will want to make sure everything is put in writing so there are no surprises when you get your bill.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a professional piano moving company is really the only way to go to move your expensive piano with the least possible amount of risk involved. It’s important for you to do research and ask plenty of questions regarding the movement of your piano, but the advice in this article will certainly get you well on your way to a safe and stress-free move.

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