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Bechstein Model V Boudoir Grand Piano.

This is our Beautiful Bechstein Model V Boudoir Grand Piano made circa 1901 according to serial number 60180. In a hand polished black case, this piano would make a fantastic centre piece or addition to any modern or traditional styled property, with all of the original features intact, the fretwork music desk, turned legs and ornate lyre make this piano particularly nice. This Bechstein is 6 foot 7 inches long and 4 foot 10 inches wide. The piano has a light to medium touch and plays beautifully throughout the scale, with a powerful, controlled warm tone, great bass and lovely crisp treble, not too bright, just the way you would expect from Bechstein Pianos of this era. This is our Beautiful Bechstein Model V .
Full 88 Note Keyboard

Bechstein Pianos have been manufacturing pianos in Berlin Germany for well in excess of a century and are seen to be in the top 3 list of piano manufacturers, anyone who is reading this who is a piano enthusiast will agree. Bechstein Pianos are commonly found on concert hall stages all over the world and are known for a consistent level of top quality. For those of you who do not recognise the name Bechstein, please google it

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