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BOSITE2 - Bosite“The Contesse”



Bosite pianos are built using the latest in computer technology for highly accurate, consistent results. With the use of high-quality Toyo CNC routers from Japan for woodwork and metal manufacturing, the tolerances of each instrument is tight and accurate, allowing a perfectly  balanced tone.


The  Bosite  use  a  complete  German Renner action(  same  as  Steinway  and  most  other  prestigius  brands)


With the highly affordable price, excellent parts and an innovative construction process, Bosite creates the finest world-class pianos. The Contesse model features decorate carvings and arched legs.


Available in semi-matte  mahogany finish



“The Pianos Book”, author and Registered Piano Technician Paul  Smith named ‘BOSITE’ pianos as one of the two best upright pianos  (along with the much more expensive Baldwin pianos). When you sit down to play one, you will immdediately know why. The keyboard sensitivity and tonal refinement (especially in the bracing, full-throated bass) is amazing even compared to pianos in higher price ranges. Come in and check out these remarkable pianos for yourself.


• Solid Spruce Soundboard (2106 sq. inches)
• 11 Spruce Ribs
• 5 Back Posts
• Hard Rock Maple Bridges
• 18-Ply Hard Rock Maple Pinblock
• Nickel-Plated Steel Pressure Bar
• All Maple Action Parts
• Renner  Action
• Aluminum Action Rail with 3 Brackets
• Highest Quality Felt Hammers, Reinforced and T-Pinned
• Solid Brass Casters
• Solid Brass Hardware

• Brass Kick Plate
• Sand Cast Harp / Plate
• Mute Center Pedal
• 49” x 60” x 24”
• Decorative Carvings