Kawai baby grand piano

KAWAI GM10 - Kawai  baby grand piano

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Product Details

KAWAI WHITE BABY GRAND PIANO from Pianoman on Vimeo.

NEW Kawai GM-1 Baby Grand Piano

– High Gloss White

– 5’0″

serial # 2090286 made in 1993

The Kawai GM-10 baby grand is one of the most popular baby grands made today… and now available in the ever-popular polished white is a revolutionary move forward!

A great instrument as well as being a lovely piece of furniture. Undoubtedly the best value, new baby grand from a famous maker..

Great price for a high quality Grand Piano, chosen by pros and teachers as the best in its class with a great tone, quality precision parts, high quality finish, and a great buy at $5995 . Why not get one of the best pianos possible? A great piano for Church, Teacher, and serious student. Perfect gift that will say “I Love you” for decades to come and will give back in the form of beautiful music, creativity, and precious memories. For the person seeking quality and beauty at a great price.

Made in 1996 never ever used…hammers and action is like new.Cabinet is superb ! What a bargain price …

This is how you can buy a quality made piano for 50% off the new price

Hammers and action parts are like new ( absolutely no wear )

Perfect soundboard( never cracked or repaired!)

no smoke smell…