Petrof concert grand piano.

DSC 0367 1 e1502068168448 - Petrof  concert  grand  piano.

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Petrof model I MONDIAL concert piano from Pianoman on Vimeo.


PETROF model I. 283cm lenght, prod.number 68131, prod.year 1955, 88 – keys
Hradec Králové Municipality in Czech Republic is where Petrof pianos have been made for over a century, This particular piano was spent his life in the concert hall belonging to this town and
as you would imagine it was hand picked to be the best of the best , this piano has a great history and at the same time it has a soul like very few pianos have, the sound will haunt you for years to come, should you become the new owner of this instrument you will soon realize that it is irreplaceable, Please insure it adequately($100k + suggested)
Perfect soundboard, tuning to A440 CONCERT PITCH stable.
Fabulous touch and sound… This piano is for the smark cookie out there who wants to save beaucoup $$$DSC 0376 300x200 - Petrof  concert  grand  piano.


DSC 0367 1 e1502068168448 200x300 - Petrof  concert  grand  piano.