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Excellent piano for the medium to high level pianist, deeper tone due to  quality German  hammers and  soundboard
Impeccable touch and precise action mechanism.
Classy black lacquered cabinet to complement your beautiful home.

Mendelssohn Group specializing in manufacturing a wide variety of acoustic grand and upright pianos. Customized on demand cabinet and special art case models are also available.

Every step forward of our pianos is subject to a rigorous quality controlling visual and computerized inspection. Furthermore, components such as actions, keyboards, soundboards, pin-blocks, hammers, and strings, imported from Germany, receive a double inspection before installation. Many of these parts are also kept for months in specially designed humidity controlled Chambers.

Every employee in our company is involved in the manufacturing process, the company philosophy allows them to express themselves idea as not only workers but also artists and true craftsmen.

Remember that presenting gifts of beautiful pianos with graceful sound to our friends around the world will always be our goal. We invite you to play our exceptional pianos now and for years to come.