Steinway model “B”

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The   most desirable  piano  in the  world!

***Free  shipping  to  any  city  in the  lower 48 states  or  any ocean port  worldwide

This incredible Steinway model B is in absolutely beautiful original condition and more important than its handsome good looks, is it’s soundboard, hammers and action!1: soundboard is perfect no cracks, great  crown and never  repaired.2: hammers have very little  wear and  should not  be  changed  for another  50 yrs.3:Action Mechanism  is  in great  condition  giving  this piano  a  great  touch , not  to  heavy not  light  a true  pleasure  to perform on.4: The piano has  a  good  tuning  stability due  to a  good  tuning  pins  torque  and

 a  healthy  pinblock.5: Tone  is  perfect  for  a home , this  is  not  an excessively bright  piano.6: The bridges  have been  carefully  inspected  and  do not  present any defect.

 This piano has a wonderful robust sound with deep lows and great keyboard feel. Shown is a video of it being played by our tuner who just finished the tuning! 

Our tuner is Bruce Springsteen’s tuner as well. These model Bs are in the 100000.00 and up range when new and a great vintage piano like this is very hard to find in such fine condition!7:keyboard  is  in great  condition , synthetic  material (no problem  for  worldwide  export)

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