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Built to the highest standards to assure lasting value The legendary Yamaha action mechanism is built to ultra-precise tolerances on aluminum alloy rails unaffected by changes in temperature or humidity for superb response, rapid repetition and years of trouble-free playing enjoyment. Designed for each model, hammers are made from top-quality felt, glued and T-fastened to hardwood heads and shanks, profiled to match the characteristics of each model. Matched key sets cut from solid spruce blocks are fitted with durable hardwood key buttons, faced with optimal tactile surfaces, and precisely balanced and laser-leveled for uniform travel and response. Yamaha piano cabinetry is designed and constructed for long-lasting beauty, with a multi-layer polyester or lacquer finish that provides maximum protection against wear, sun, heat, spills and humidity. All fittings, including solid brass pedals and casters, are engineered for both beauty and functionality, with special protective features like soft-close fallboards and lid prop safety stops. Finally, every Yamaha piano undergoes exceptionally thorough preparatory procedures. Skilled technicians tuner, ‘voice’ and regulate each instrument repeatedly over the course of construction, aided by a ‘mechanical pianist’ that plays every key hundreds of times, enabling the strings and action components to normalize between these procedures. Each instrument is allowed to rest in a controlled environment approximating that of its destination, then sealed in an airtight envelope to ensure optimal condition on arrival. The end results of this painstaking craftsmanship are instruments at the peak of their musical potential that will provide generations of pleasure to their new owners ?pianos, in short, that live up to the superior standards that Yamaha owners expect.

We have been importing and distributing pianos from all over the world since 1985, whatever your piano need can be if you are looking for great value that is our specialty! Our warehouse is opened for viewing of the pianos by appointment only ,please call 1.888.565.56.48 to make an appointment.( WE ARE LOCATED 30 MINUTES N.E OF ATLANTA DOWNTOWN) . YOU ARE WELCOME TO BRING A PIANO TECHNICIAN OR A PIANO TEACHER FOR INDEPENDANT ADVICE



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