Why Buying A Used Grand Piano Is The Smart Move

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Many people dream of filling their home with the warm and beautiful tones of a grand piano but are intimidated by the cost and pomp associated with its purchase. Some folk outright can’t afford it, balking at the enormous prices of some grand pianos. There is a simple solution, friends, and we’re going to talk all about it – buying used grand pianos.

Why Buy Used Grand Pianos?

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There are some stigmas surrounding used pianos, and many of these are spread by the piano manufacturers themselves. Why don’t piano manufacturers want you to buy a used grand piano?

Simply because, if they make a quality product, they become their most fierce competition. In the case of Steinway – read more here – as they build so many pianos a year the used market becomes rich with high quality used grand pianos, and the pianos monetary value depreciates far more quickly than the quality of said piano when purchased new.If you were to line up a ten Steinway grand pianos, and do a blind test to see which people preferred, the used models would compare evenly with the new – in fact, if they were brand new, the used models would sound better as they’ve had the time to settle into their voicing. You are welcome to come test this in our showroom, where we have a wide variety of new and used grand pianos for sale, see for yourself which sound you prefer, let alone which price tag.

More Opportunity For Growth

01 4 169x300 - Why Buying A Used Grand Piano Is The Smart MoveWho feels that it’s a wise decision to purchase a brand new car for their 16 year old child? That’s placing a lot of risk on your investment, not to mention, as soon as you drive it off the lot the value goes down by half. Sure, the reliability and piece of mind that they will have a tool that serves their needs and keeps them safe is important, but all of that and more is available in a used car. It’s the same with used grand pianos. You have a budding concert pianist and you want them to have a piano that makes music worthy of their talents, but the risk of putting children on a grand piano makes you fearful that the investment will simply evaporate as it collects dings and damages – or worse, what if the child’s interest wanes and all it does is collect dust after a couple of years of use – then when you try to sell it you watch as your money disappears as half the value of the piano has simply disappeared. You want to support your child’s passions and get them something to further build those passions, but the financial risk is too much. Buy a used grand piano – you’ll get the same high quality instrument, all the beautiful timbre and voicing capabilities, and you’ll acquire an asset that depreciates much more gradually. If, god forbid, the used grand piano you’ve purchased stops being played, when you sell it it will be for a much higher percentage of your investment – assuming you’ve kept it in good condition.

Risk Management – Used Grand Pianos For Sale

Unlike buying a used car, in which the wear and tear of its original owner can make life difficult and expensive, buying a used grand piano carries much less baggage. Firstly all the parts are visible, and testing it will tell you if the used grand piano you’re considering buying will serve your purpose. No hidden engine troubles, no suspension on it’s last legs, you can see and address all the issues merely by playing it some and doing a brief inspection. Also, our selection of used grand pianos for sale has been reconditioned and serviced to preform at peak condition, so not only will you be saving a lot of money, you’ll be acquiring a tuned and voiced used grand piano that will deliver on all of what you need. If you have any questions or want to visit our showroom to see our enormous selection of new and used grand pianos for sale feel free to give us a call at (770) 717 8047 – we look forward to hearing from you and getting you exactly what you need!

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